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All news is good news for an artist. Whenever my stone sculpture is featured or mentioned in any media it shines a light on my work. Worthy accomplishments and events of significance merit repeating. You will find those stories here.

I spend a lot of time creating, but it is equally important to connect with the outside world. Sometimes this is one of the hardest things to do. At times, I am my own promoter and publicist. You will find these stories here as well.   

Lastest News or Event

Most of my waking hours I spend carving stylized stone animals and running my sculpture business. I do not have hours to volunteer with organizations that help protect our planet. 

Monarchs Matter, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury
“Monarchs Matter”   Photo by Mel Schockner

I am a member of several environmental organizations and receive their publications.  The information they provide is inspiring and uplifting. I feel empowered and better prepared to deal with attacks on our environment by our governments and corporations.

What I Do

I carve many stone sculptures depicting endangered species and with environmental themes. When one of these sculptures sells, I donate money from my portion of the proceeds of the sale to a non-profit organization that helps the endangered animal and fights for the health of our world.

Below are the organizations to which I have donated money and the titles of the sculptures sold that allowed me to do that:

Amphibian Arc“One Handsome Frog”

Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee“Desert Queen”

Fauna and Flora International“The Last Dinosaur” (leatherback sea turtle)

Natural Resources Defense Council“Monarchs Matter”, “See Through Other Eyes: Spotted Owl”, “Run!” (Alaskan wolves), “Force of Nature” (wolf)

Panthera“Save the Tiger”

African Wild Dog Conservancy“One For All” (African wild dog)


Forever Free Horse Rescue“Sassy”, “Pretty-Girl”, “Moon Horse”

Force of Nature, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury
“Force of Nature”  Photo by Mel Schockner

Why I Do It

I feel like am taking a positive step in helping our world and all beings who live here when I donate money from my creations.

It makes me happy.


Excerpts of Other Recent News and Events

A great article was in the FOCUS section of Loveland’s Reporter-Herald newspaper today.   My stone sculpture won the 2019 Marilyn Newmark Grant from the National Sculpture Society.  This award recognizes a meritorious body of work in animal sculpture.  The article is written by Shelley Widhalm, a local writer and . . .

The Society of Animal Artists awarded the Evelyn and Peter Haller Award to “Arctic Wind” at the 59th Annual Exhibition at the Briscoe Western Art Museum in San Antonio, TX, in September 2019. The award is given “For the most outstanding and creative 3-D work”. A Pose From Animation The . . .

Stone sculptor Ellen Woodbury is the 2019 award recipient for the Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant. This national prize is sponsored by the National Sculpture Society, and given to a sculptor specializing in animal sculpture who has demonstrated an outstanding ability in his or her body of work. The prize consists . . .

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