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All news is good news for an artist. Whenever my stone sculpture is featured or mentioned in any media it shines a light on my work. Worthy accomplishments and events of significance merit repeating. You will find those stories here.

I spend a lot of time creating, but it is equally important to connect with the outside world. Sometimes this is one of the hardest things to do. At times, I am my own promoter and publicist. You will find these stories here as well.   

Lastest News or Event

Stone sculptor Ellen Woodbury is the 2019 award recipient for the Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant. This national prize is sponsored by the National Sculpture Society, and given to a sculptor specializing in animal sculpture who has demonstrated an outstanding ability in his or her body of work. The prize consists of an unrestricted $5,000 cash award, a half-page ad in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, and a quarter page ad in Sculpture Review magazine.

The Portfolio

Here are the 12 sculptures I submitted this year for the 2019 grant application.

A Tree Needs a Bird, step 8, sculpture in process by Ellen Woodbury
A Tree Needs a Bird



Run! sculpture by Ellen Woodbury














Squash and Stretch, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury
Squash and Stretch
At Home with the Water Shrew, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury
At Home with the Water Shrew












Exuberant, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury
Sassy, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury












Moon Horse, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury
Moon Horse
Pretty-Girl, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury












Tiny Sparrow, Huge Deal, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury
Tiny Sparrow, Huge Deal








One For All, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury
One For All




Simplicity, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury













I think a big part of making art is sending out positive energy in your artistic expression. It is supreme elation when that energy finds its way back to you. This is not to say that the reason to create positivity is so you can get it back. Rather, it is a bonus, a gift, when good things circle back.

I have spent most every day in the last 13 years carving stone.  I love what I create just as itself. The money, recognition, and exposure given to me by the Newmark Grant is an affirmation that what I create is significant to other sculptors and other people. It is easy to get lost in the process of making. It is wonderful to find approval.


Here is a link to the article in Sculpture News, the online news and events listing for the National Sculpture Society:

Ellen Woodbury, Grant Winner

Grant Founder

Marilyn Newmark was a bronze sculptor celebrated for her delicate, refined, realistic sculptures of horses. She began sculpting as a teenager working in ceramic, then switched to bronze in 1970. Her sculptures won 12 gold medals and over 100 awards at national and international exhibitions. She was very active in the National Sculpture Society and created this grant for sculptors of animals. She passed away in 2013 at the age of 84.

Tips for Applicants

I believe I have applied for the Marilyn Newmark Grant 9 or 10 times in the past 13 years of carving stone. I began sculpting in stone in 2006 and it took me a couple of years to create a portfolio. Then it was a couple more years to understand that the judges for the Grant change every year. The sculpture always needs to be the best that you create. It is not necessary to present 12 different sculptures every year for the grant application. It is most important to submit your very best work every year, which means some of your greatest hits will be from years past.

Excerpts of Other Recent News and Events

I have wrestled with my own energy consumption in my stone carving studio and in my home for several years. In October 2017, I went to an Open House for the new Foothills Solar Array in MeHaffey Park in Loveland, CO, where I live and work.  The experience was inspiring!  . . .

My green marble horse is getting quite a lot of attention. “Exuberant” won first prize in the 3-D division at Equine Art in the Park in March.  Now this stone sculpture is juried into the Society of Animal Artists‘ show at Trailside Galleries in Jackson, Wyoming. The show runs from . . .

May 16, 2016 through May 16, 2017. Art on Parade, E.B. Raines Memorial Park, Northglenn, CO. “See Through Other Eyes: Spotted Owl” is on display. May 16 through May 31, 2016. Out of Africa, on-line art sale to benefit endangered African wildlife  Society of Animal Artists. May, 2016 through May, . . .

Past News and Events