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New Creative Home

Great to See You!

The sculpture show in August, Sculpture in the Park, was another success this year.

Thank you to all the friends who stopped by to see my work and chat. It was great to see you!

Thanks for mentioning the blog—I am very pleased you enjoy reading it!

New Creative Space

We had my new studio built on the patio slab in the backyard this past summer.

It was completed in September and immediately coated in black dust from the water shrew’s black marble. (Sigh.)

The space is about 16 x 18 feet and is working out great. There are 2 doors.  The main one on the patio, and a loading door with a concrete ramp on the opposite side.  This one for bringing in large stones.

There are 2 small windows and 2 skylights. Every wall has 2 layers of sound-proofing material to contain the noise.  My compressor breathes outside air through an exterior air filter.