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The Most Magnificent Jules Engel

Brain Space

The finishing process for my sculptures is quite time-consuming, and I have a lot of free brain space to let my thoughts wander.  I often wander back to my two graduate years at Cal Arts in the Experimental Animation program.  My mentor was Jules Engel, avant-garde animator, filmmaker and painter. 

Jules Engel - Animator and Dr. Janeann Dill - Biographer
Jules Engel (r) – Animator
and Dr. Janeann Dill – Biographer

Mentor Extraordinaire

Jules was one of the most influential teachers in my still-ongoing education.  His first words to me were, “Here you are!  Make a film!” 

In his Monday morning classes he showed animated films I had never seen before that broadened my thinking and inspired new ideas. 

Feeling and emotion communicated through line, design, the illusion of space, real vs. invented movement.  I felt like he believed in all of us from the first day and then set us free to create.  

“Train Landscape” and “Accident” are two of my favorite films made by Jules Engel.


Jules Engel "Accident" Animation Still
Jules Engel “Accident” Animation Still