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Elsie Wood, an All-Around Creative

Inspiring Creativity

Elsie Wood is one of the most all-around creative people I know.  She is an elegant abstract stone sculptor and a thought-provoking instructor.  She has participated in many monumental stone sculpture symposia all over the world.

Elsie regularly conducts creativity workshops in Colorado.  

Elsie Wood, Stone Sculptor
Elsie Wood

I met her at my first visit to the Colorado Stone Sculptors Society in 2006, and we have been friends and colleagues ever since.

Stone Sculpture by Elsie Wood
Stone Sculpture by Elsie Wood

Stone Mentor

Elsie was the first stone sculptor to show me how to see stone. Many times we look at things and don’t critically see what is there.

She pointed out aspects of my sculpture that I wasn’t seeing so that I could move forward and finish the sculpture. In particular, the lower half of my sculpture “Spiral Bunny” was not round enough to feel like a soft and full volume.  I knew it wasn’t right.  I had no experience seeing stone and couldn’t define the problem.  

Elsie gently and clearly pointed out the lack of roundness in the bunny’s torso.  This was an “Ah-Ha!” moment for me and supplied the missing connection.

Seeing Stone Like Animation

In that moment I learned how to see stone.  

I was very accustomed to being both creator and critic in my work as a Disney Animator, but suddenly realized that this critical skill directly translated to stone sculpture.

From that decisive point I was able to translate nearly all my knowledge of animation to the new medium of stone sculpture.