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Owl Installed in Lone Tree, CO, May, 2013 Through May, 2014

See Through Other Eyes: Spotted Owl” was installed in Lone Tree. CO, on May 16.

The interactive stone sculpture is on display at The Vistas, Park Meadows Retail Resort from May, 2013 through May, 2014, as part of the Douglas County Art Encounters program.  The Park Meadows Retail Resort is designed for the comfort and convenience of its patrons, a very impressive shopping destination!  

Shop, dine, visit the Owl–all the amenities are here!

"See Through Other Eyes: Spotted Owl" at The Vistas, Park Meadows Retail Resort, Lone Tree
Having a visit with the Owl

“See Through Other Eyes: Spotted Owl”

at The Vistas,

Park Meadows Retail Resort,

Lone Tree

The Touring Owl

The Owl has made quite a tour of Colorado through Art In Public Places municipal exhibits.

Loveland was the first city to host the sculpture through The Art Advocacy Project in 2010-2011.

Next he flew to Evergreen and was hosted by Sculpture Evergreen for 2011-2012.

He then came to roost in Highlands Ranch in front of the public library as part of Douglas County’s Art Encounters in 2012-2013.

Douglas County is again hosting the owl as part of Art Encounters for 2013-2014 in Lone Tree.

The owl is exhibited and for sale through Douglas County Art Encounters to municipalities, organizations, and private collectors as part of the Art Encounters program. The price is $10,000