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On-Going Donations to Help Our Planet

Most of my waking hours I spend carving stylized stone animals and running my sculpture business. I do not have hours to volunteer with organizations that help protect our planet. 

Monarchs Matter, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury
“Monarchs Matter”   Photo by Mel Schockner

I am a member of several environmental organizations and receive their publications.  The information they provide is inspiring and uplifting. I feel empowered and better prepared to deal with attacks on our environment by our governments and corporations.

What I Do

I carve many stone sculptures depicting endangered species and with environmental themes. When one of these sculptures sells, I donate money from my portion of the proceeds of the sale to a non-profit organization that helps the endangered animal and fights for the health of our world.

Below are the organizations to which I have donated money and the titles of the sculptures sold that allowed me to do that:

Amphibian Arc“One Handsome Frog”

Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee“Desert Queen”

Fauna and Flora International“The Last Dinosaur” (leatherback sea turtle)

Natural Resources Defense Council“Monarchs Matter”, “See Through Other Eyes: Spotted Owl”, “Run!” (Alaskan wolves), “Force of Nature” (wolf)

Panthera“Save the Tiger”

African Wild Dog Conservancy“One For All” (African wild dog)


Forever Free Horse Rescue“Sassy”, “Pretty-Girl”, “Moon Horse”

Force of Nature, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury
“Force of Nature”  Photo by Mel Schockner

Why I Do It

I feel like am taking a positive step in helping our world and all beings who live here when I donate money from my creations.

It makes me happy.