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She Who Stands and Waits

She Who Stands and Waits, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury

Inspired by Milton

The title of this stone sculpture is a derivation of the last line in the poem, “On His Blindness”, by John Milton.“They also serve who only stand and wait.” Milton poetically contemplates his feelings of usefulness after going blind.

I take the line in the context of the poem to mean that each being has his/her own validity in life simply through the fact of existence. We all have the right to be here.


True patience is not one of my natural abilities. Many of my friends see what I do as an animator and as a stone sculptor as requiring massive amounts of patience.

It is not patience that allows me to create intricate work at a snail’s pace. I spend all that creation-time enjoying the process, envisioning the final artwork, and daydreaming about the next sculpture I will make.

Standing and Waiting

“She Who Stands and Waits” is biographical.  I am not a white mouse, but I do stand and wait for validation.

Each year I apply to several national art shows and I wait (sort of) patiently for the jury results. This year the Society of Animal Artists rewarded my wait by accepting “White Lightning” into the Society of Animal Artists’ 52nd Annual Exhibition on Art and the Animal. My first time in this prestigious venue, and I am absolutely delighted!

The show is at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum in Oradell, New Jersey.  It will run from September 1 through December 31, 2012.

White Lightning, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury
“White Lightning”
Photo by Mel Schockner

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She Who Stands and Waits

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