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Frankie and Mancho

Frankie and Mancho, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury

My Beginning!

“Frankie and Mancho” is the first stone sculpture I made.

This was at a stone craving class at the Loveland Museum in January, 2006.

Some History

I moved to Loveland in November 2005 with the intent to become a sculptor working in clay and casting to bronze.

The Loveland Museum was offering a class in stone carving taught by a Zimbabwe master sculptor, which sounded fascinating.

I called for information and was told the class was filled. I asked to be on the wait list, and was pleased when someone dropped out and I was able to participate in the class.

Fabulous First Experience

This was a fabulous experience for me!  I met great people who are still my friends, learned so much, and had a great time.

I am writing this memory 7 years later, and marvel at the distance I have come with my art and my transition from animator to sculptor.


The subject is two old friends, Frankie and Mancho, who belonged to a dear friend.

Mancho, the larger of the two horses, was picked on by the herd.  Frankie protected him. These two ancient horses had a profound friendship which I commemorate here in stone.

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Frankie and Mancho

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