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Eddy, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury

Special Sculpture for a Special Person

“Eddy” is a privately commissioned stone sculpture made for a young woman who visited the Pacific Northwest and fell in love with the black sand beaches and tide pools of the Washington coast.  She brought me several photographs she had taken of gorgeous orange and purple starfish and wondered if I could carve a small sculpture based on her photos. 


I instantly thought of translucent orange alabaster when I saw the orange starfish.  The color is almost a perfect match, and the stone is great for creating textures and detail. 

“Eddy” is presented on a black velvet sandbag, reminiscent of the black sand beaches where these little jewels reside.  The black mussels, abundant in the tide pools, are carved from Mongolian Imperial Black marble, and unify the composition of orange stone and black velvet.

Loveland Studio Tour

I carved this little sculpture during the Loveland Art Studio Tour, which lasted several weekends in October.  Thank you to all the new and old friends who visited my studio during those days.  It was fun to show you my workspace and tools, and chat about sculpture.  I am pleased to show you the finished piece at last. 

I raffled off one of my pastel drawings during the Open Studio in exchange for visitors joining my mailing list.  Paulene was the lucky winner of the drawing.  Thank you to everyone who joined the list.  I hope you will enjoy receiving my blog.

Ellen Woodbury's patron wins raffle for pastel drawing "Get My Point?"
Paulene won the raffle for the pastel drawing, “Get My Point?”


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