I enjoy writing. It helps me clarify my thoughts. Every sculpture I create is really a story I find irresistible that finds expression in stone.

I usually have a lot of excess brain space when I am sanding and finishing a stone sculpture so I begin to write the blog for that piece in my mind. Having done quite a bit of research for each sculpture, I start by riffing on ideas.

I define the most important aspect of the creation process. Sometimes it is the story of the animal. Sometimes it is an experience I had with a particular individual. Often it is the story of the making of the sculpture. Every picture is worth at least a thousand words.

Lastest Entry

See Through Other Eyes: Spotted Owl (Bronze)

I carved “See Through Other Eyes: Spotted Owl” as a stone sculpture, and then had it molded and cast as a bronze sculpture. The bronze edition is five sculptures, all crafted for outdoor display.


The Northern Spotted Owl is the apex predator (top of the food chain) in old-growth forests. As the forests are being cut down the habitat of the Spotted Owl is disappearing, and consequently, so are the Spotted Owls.

The owl is the “canary in the coal mine” for old-growth forests. Its disappearance is an indication that the entire ecosystem is failing due to the over-cutting of trees. Saving the Spotted Owl means saving the old-growth forests.

An Interactive Experience

“See Through Other Eyes: Spotted Owl” is designed as an interactive experience. The eyes of the owl are cut all the way through and invite the viewer to see the world from the perspective of another being.

The Spotted Owl is an endangered species. I want people to understand that these owls are going extinct and imagine what that might feel like. Maybe then we wouldn’t tolerate the harvesting of old-growth forests. These forests are rare and precious, and support many animals.

See Through Other Eyes, Bronze, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury
The Owl (and you!) gaze at the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Photo by Michael Stricker.


The Message

Share the earth and make sure there is room for all creatures to live.

Excerpts of Other Recent Entries

Inspiration Alaskan wolves, so defined in this stone sculpture by their Inuit-inspired design, pose in two animation extremes of the run—the maximum storing of energy (anticipation or squash) and the maximum release of energy (stretch.) My concern for the safety and future of wolves inspired me to make Run! It is now legal to kill wolves (and grizzly bears) in Alaska’s wildlife refuges. Design-The Challenge of Thin Legs Thin legs have always been a fun challenge for me. I love . . .

Inspiration My little mare, Kentucky, is now about 32 years old, and continues to inspire my stone sculpture (“Pretty-Girl“, “Moon Horse” ). “Sassy” is another aspect of her kaleidoscopic personality. Horses are as varied and complex as people, and Kentucky is exceptionally so—smart, generous, enthusiastic, opinionated, grateful, eager to please, and boundlessly determined.  She saved herself twice from the LA slaughter yards, a huge accomplishment for a little horse. Design I love horses and I love to improvise on the . . .

Symbiosis is defined as a cooperative relationship between two dissimilar organisms for the mutual benefit of both.   This sounds a bit sterile, but the stories this word describes are fascinating and irresistible.  This stone sculpture, “A Tree Needs A Bird”, is about the very cool relationship between the Clark’s nutcracker and the whitebark pine, two high-altitude species in western mountain ranges. Inspiration Whitebark pine trees grow at the tree line in small stands in the Canadian Rockies and farther west . . .

I have been a horse person for most of my life. When my horses retired from riding I was concerned that I might not be a horse person anymore. Happily, this is not the case. I still completely enjoy looking at, thinking about, and being in the company of horses. I know horse anatomy and proportions from my 15+ years of horse keeping, and from my experience creating and animating Pegasus in Disney’s “Hercules”.  I have been designing and carving . . .

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