Stone Sculpture Discussions

Carving Marble into Fine-Art Animal Sculptures

  • Take a glimpse inside the
  • studio of stone sculptor
  • Ellen Woodbury.
  • See some of the stages in her
  • stone carving process as
  • she creates "Cavalluccio Marino
  • (Seahorse)
  • from a 350-pound block of stone
  • to a finished sculpture.
  • (3:01)

Flora and Fauna
Sculpture Exhibition Video Tour

Museum shows are scheduled 3 years in advance. Who knew we would be in the middle of a global pandemic by the time our show went up? Here are the stone and bronze animal sculptures made by Ellen Woodbury. If you missed the show, you can still see the video!

Sculpting Endangered Animals in Stone

  • Stone sculptor Ellen Woodbury
  • is passionate about animals
  • and carves many endangered species.
  • When the sculpture sells,
  • she donates a portion of
  • her share of the sale
  • to a non-profit organization
  • that protects the species
  • and its habitat.
  • (1:12)

Reflections on Creative Process

  • Stone sculptor Ellen Woodbury
  • discusses creativity,
  • the “ah-ha!” moment,
  • and self-discovery
  • through her sculpture.
  • (1:27)