These are some of my patrons and friends with the sculptures, animals, and activities they love.

Please send me your photo(s) and comments, if you would like to be included in the fun.

Gaea and "Vixen"

Gaea and “Vixen“, her surprise birthday present.

All Tucked In, sculpture by Ellen Woodbury

This commissioned sculpture, “All Tucked In“, is based on the photograph of Mingo. The patron requested this pose of her very special little colt.

Mingo, colt

The celebrated little prince, Mingo.
Photo by Jane Fernandez.

John and "Mail Quail"

John received “Male Quail” as a surprise Christmas present, commissioned by his wife.  The California Quail is a favorite bird and frequent visitor to their yard. To quote John, “I am very happy with my sculpture!”

Audrey skiing

Audrey is often featured in Steamboat Resort’s photos of the day.  This awesome shot was taken by Steamboat professional photographer Larry Pierce.

© SSRC/Larry Pierce,